We currently provide "public defender" services in Madera, Amador and Calaveras counties. We provide "conflict defense" services in Fresno, Madera and Amador counties.  


Pursuant to contract with the Fresno County Superior Court we provide legal representation in juvenile dependency proceedings for minors and parents.  We also provide these services in Madera and Calaveras counties.


As such we have experience with numerous benches and court organizations, differing legal cultures, and counties and courts with different fiscal landscapes.  We always work collaboratively to accomplish our mission with these differing conditions in mind.  


Our Work

Attorney Development

So what do cowboy boots have to do with the practice of law?  Well, the founder of this firm was a lawyer and cowboy.  Whenever an attorney wins their first trial they are rewarded with a pair of cowboy boots. They've "earned their boots" which are proudly worn thereafter.  The firm understands that only by developing top-notch trial attorneys can it deliver top-notch services to its clients. Each supervising attorney understands the importance of attorney development.  


What others have to say...

"Richard Ciummo & Associates is widely respected by their colleagues in our local community, including law enforcement, prosecutors, court staff and community justice organizations.  While ensuring that the public resources are not wasted, abused or taken advantage of, RAC offers a professional and successful service to the public."

--Ronn Dominici

  Former Madera County Supervisor

"Richard Ciummo and Associates consistently respond in a timely and solution-oriented manner to all matters that arise from within the criminal justice policy arena or from a county contract management perspective. Placer County continues to be very satisfied with the knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism demonstrated by Ciummo and Associates and recommends this firm to other counties who may be considering entering into an indigent defense services relationship with them."

--Tomas M. Miller
  Former Chief Executive Officer of Placer County